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Online Survey survey software

Online survey tool

  • Instant access – No software to install
  • Always up-to-date hosted survey service
  • Multiple subscription levels and durations
  • Free unlimited phone and email expert support
  • Total branding control with your logo and colors
  • Safe and secure using strong encryption (SSL)
  • Available 365x24x7 from a secure data center

Online survey software

  • Install survey software on your own server
  • Perpetual license that never expires
  • Free survey software upgrades
  • 30-day full money back guarantee
  • Free unlimited phone and email expert support
  • Full control of the data and the software
  • Full API with source code available
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Firstly I want to say WOW.. Great job... and it is awesome you allow the source code... That has me focused on your company against all the competitors.... plus your product runs nicely and is beautiful!
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Boston Medical Center

University of Florida

Our survey software and online survey tools include many advanced features

Manage surveys

  • Advanced web-based online survey software
  • Very powerful yet easy to use survey software
  • Stylish and modern survey look and feel
  • Rich text editor for styling and formatting
  • Survey spell checker for 34 languages
  • Portal for respondent access to surveys and reports
  • ASP .net survey with C# and AJAX technologies

Create questions

  • Hundreds of question types and variations
  • Advanced survey questions such as multi-matrices and rating
  • Advanced conditional survey logic with branching and skipping
  • Validation rules for numbers, constant sum, date, time, etc.
  • Answer piping, generation, and parameter substitution
  • Scoring and timing of surveys and assessments
  • Absolute, percentage, and calculated scores with interpretations

Deploy and distribute surveys

  • Robust engine for sending email invitations
  • Detects bad and stale email addresses
  • Address book and email lists management
  • Import email addresses from Outlook or Excel
  • Survey software with customizable deployment URL
  • Review survey responses before submitting
  • Supports opt-out and decline of survey invitations

Total branding control

  • Professional survey templates with white label branding
  • Fully customizable branding (colors, logo, fonts, etc.)
  • Customize buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.
  • Create progress bar, borders, shadows, corners, etc.
  • Define headers, footers, question numbers, graphics, etc.
  • Survey software optimized for tablets and hand helpd devices
  • Optimized for mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.)

Multi-lingual surveys

  • Create online surveys in more than 1 language
  • Support for 140 different languages
  • Select or switch language from within online surveys
  • Customizable messages for each language
  • Check the spelling of surveys for most languages
  • Export and import survey translations to and from Excel

Create question libraries

  • Organize online survey questions and visual elements
  • Create multiple reusable survey software libraries
  • Create online surveys quickly using libraries
  • Copy and import questions to and from survey libraries
  • Create libraries for questions defined for multiple languages
  • Share survey libraries by making them public

Browse and analyze data

  • Report on survey response data in real-time
  • Segment and group data with flexible filters
  • Descriptive statistics for numerical and categorical data
  • Create and customize high quality charts and graphs
  • Support for bar, line, pie, radar and doughnut charts
  • Export data to CSV, SPSS, Excel, and PDF
  • Create reports that combine multiple surveys

Manage security & collaborate

  • Robust full featured security for users, roles, and privileges
  • Manage users in teams and organizations
  • Support for anonymous, and identifying surveys
  • Configurable secure access to surveys through a login
  • Support for secure online surveys using HTTPS/SSL
  • Limit participants to specific IP or range of IP addresses
  • Records and review response data audit trails
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Novi Survey is an advanced and powerful yet affordable survey software web based application. Novi Survey is the survey software package of choice for many large, medium, and small organizations across many countries, cultures, and languages. Whether you are conducting marketing research studies, performing employee evaluations, collecting feedback from the visitors of your website, measuring the effectiveness of your customer service department, or gauging the satisfaction of your clients and customers, the Novi Survey online survey tool comprises all the features you need to get the answers you seek. At Novi Systems, we understand your needs and we provide you with comprehensive, reliable, and easy to use survey tools that are loaded with features to enable you to successfully achieve your goals.

With the help of our online survey software solution you will be able to send email invitations, track responses in real time, and collect the right feedback from your target audience. You will also be able to make the most out of the responses collected by using the online survey tool reporting and analysis module bundled with the survey application.

At Novi Systems, we understand that different businesses have different needs. Consequently, we offer a web-based online service and an installable survey solution that can be hosted in-house on your own servers. Our team of experts is always eager to help you with any issues you may face while using our solution. We also offer consulting services to help you build and deploy your surveys whenever you need it!
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