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Online forms software

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Our forms software and online forms tools include many advanced features
Novi Survey forms software provides a powerful yet easy way to create web-based forms to input data or collect feedback. Using a variety of question types with more than 100 different variations, forms can be created very quickly and easily. Using the built-in forms software template designer, it is possible to create stylish and modern looking forms and control precisely their visual appearance. Examples of visual elements customizable in Novi Survey include the definition of a custom logo, the color and shape of the form (e.g., rectangular or rounded), and the size and color of buttons, checkboxes, and radio buttons. By starting from a predefined form template and customizing it, professional looking forms can be created within minutes.

The Novi Survey forms software allows you to create advanced multi page forms with dynamic behavior using page conditions and branching or skipping logic. The forms can include advanced form question types such as multi segment matrix questions that make the forms concise and focused, rating questions which simplify numeric data entry, and built in demographic questions for capturing personal information about the participants. A rich text editor allows for the styling of forms without any knowledge of HTML formatting codes and a spell checker with 34 languages ensures that the text in the forms is accurate and professional.

A built in portal for the online forms allows participant to access all the forms that are available to them. From the portal, they can start filling out a new form, continue, revise or review a form started previously. They can also access reports that provide completion rate information for the different forms available to them.

Forms created by the Novi Survey forms software can be deployed on the portal or sent to the users using a built-in email invitation engine. The engine is integrated with a contact manager that includes an address book with email lists management features such as imports from outlook and merging of lists.

The Novi Survey forms software fully supports creating forms in 135 languages. Each form can be defined in several languages without the need for duplicating the form. Novi Survey can detect the language set in the user’s browser and display the form in the corresponding language automatically. Users also can switch languages at any time when filling out a form available in more than one language. All messages (e.g., validation errors, warnings, or custom messages) displayed in a form can be changed and customized for each language.

All form data entered in the Novi Survey forms software can be viewed in real-time using the browsing and reporting components. The data can also be exported to different formats such as CSV, SPSS, Excel, and PDF.

The Novi Survey forms software provides robust security by controlling the user privileges and roles with many different levels of access available. All forms are accessed online using secure socket layer (SSL) with 256-bit encryption. Furthermore, the forms are protected against SQL injection and cross-site scripting.
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